Customized Trainings

In spite of the fact that the business advertise is getting more extensive as time passes, the criteria for enlisting are getting smaller as the associations presently are winding up progressively worried about the nature of their workers in which a critical part is of Fresher. The associations are searching for develop and illustrative applicants.
Subsequently, being over the regularly changing industry norms are getting harder step by step. While a higher education gives the correct capability to an understudy, it regularly may not help land the correct position. QuickYes offers vocation abilities preparing for understudies at moderate expense.
We comprehend the business and its human asset needs and know by our huge experience of, what an association searches for in a hopeful. We bring this experience through our broad preparing modules and coach encounters in our preparation programs for grounds. Our preparation modules have been intended to guarantee that each understudy gets mentally and expertly styled to suit the prerequisites of the present employment advertise. We offer specific trainings to the new alumni or going to be graduates who are looking for circumstances. Furthermore, what makes us progressively one of a kind that we, with the assistance of our own Placement Cell, put them in the correct employments as well. Not just this, we give different Job Portal trainings to fresher and disclose them with respect to what are those one of a kind catchphrases which make their resume featured and conspicuous to get got by businesses. Along these lines they get calls from bosses and experts and land positions a lot snappier sparing their valuable time and cash and obviously disillusionment and disappointment because of over the top deferrals in landing positions. The projects are structured and bestowed according to the person's needs.
We comprehend the necessities of bosses in the product business and distinguish the aptitudes and information required by the understudies. What's more, we encourage universities/establishments in updating employability abilities of the understudies to get wanted situation. We help schools by furnishing redid preparing programs with situation help.

Customized Training Programs

 Psychometric Analysis to understand the personality of the person
 Analysis and remedial solutions to upgrade one's personality to the corporate standards
 Managerial and executive qualities, SWOT & Goal Setting
 Special emphasis on the Spoken component
 Public Speaking
 Presentation Skills
 American Voice & Accent
 Group Communication
 Resume' Writing Skills
 Group Discussions
 Interview Management
 Non-Verbal comprehension
 Quantitative Analysis
 Logical Reasoning etc

Our classes, preparing programs and different occasions in universities guarantees improvement of employability abilities among the understudies and our quality is demonstrated through position openings given to the understudies after finish of school. By Partnering with Colleges, our point is to guarantee an esteem expansion of good rate increment in College position record.

Campus Hiring

QuickYes is an unmistakable Training and Recruitment Firm offering out of the container Campus enrollment answers for Institutes and universities in India. With a dream to investigate and bridle the abilities of youthful pioneers crosswise over India, we have concocted an idea of Campus enlistment and advancement of organizations and universities hoping to put their new competitors. QuickYes effectively encouraged the understudy network in finding the most looked for after profession openings and at the same time enabled its customers in finding the best ability, along these lines coordinating the ideal individuals with the correct activity which make us perfect organization to procure for foundation and universities hoping to put their applicants however Campus mode.

The goal of grounds position is to choose and contract the skilled and qualified applicants while they are as yet finishing their training. The procedure enables the associations to pick the required competitors as and when required and furthermore decreases time.